There’s no question that the development of better analytical tools and approaches in recent years has given business leaders significant new decision-making firepower. Yet while advanced analytics provide the ability to increase growth and marketing return on investment (MROI), organizations are often overwhelmed by the volume and disparate sources of data.  MetricVision's Platform (MVP) provides Actionable Market Intelligence, Visual Data Analytics, and Predictive Modeling designed especially for Marketers.                  
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Step I: Data In-take & API's

Data In-take: Linking via 40+ Marketing and Sales Channel API’s (e.g.  web analytics, social media marketing, retargeting programs, search and display advertising, email marketing, and more), plus the ingestion of offline marketing and sales data may be added into the marketing channel mix database, via Excel or Google sheets.

Step II: Data Standardization and Scoring

Data Standardization and Scoring from across all sources is critical so that your data may be effectively analyzed and placed into the data visualization platform.  MetricVision’s data science experts utilize state of the art data mining software such as R, KNIME and SAS Enterprise Miner to identify data anomalies and automatically clean and organize your data to prepare it for advanced analytics, including visual analytics. These software tools automatically impute missing values, remove outliers and “fix” many of the data issues which otherwise would not allow your data to reach its full potential.

Step III: Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics - Data Is Boring; Stories Are Inspiring

Now that we've done everything to In-Take, Clean, Score, it's time to view the data and discover its hidden value. Data visualization software can unlock the true value of the data that is not immediately perceived by even the most discerning human observer. Perhaps the most powerful part of this process is to effect change by leveraging the value inherent in the data, a process that is often the most difficult part of data analytics in a marketing environment. 

Step IV: Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics - based on your business objectives, KPI's, and once anomalies are reviewed and addressed, you may begin to review the results of the predictive models. Predictive models can be created from the live data feeds with detailed descriptions of best customers and prospects for future marketing and promotional campaigns. Pending your marketing platform, PMML codes would be generated, via the platform modeling software, which can be used to create targeted campaigns with a high degree of predictive accuracy --- often averaging 80% to 90% 

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