Today's Marketers must be creative experts, brand ambassadors, growth specialists, data analysts, information architects, CRM wizards…and, of course, these should culminate in some killer marketing, management, and presentation skills. Based on the 2018 CMO Survey, almost one-third of marketing executives reported they lacked processes or tools to measure success through analytics.  

MetricVision has finally designed Actionable Market Intelligence and Visual Data Analytic Dashboards, especially for Marketers, providing the insights needed to focus on optimizing growth and creative marketing. Our marketing analytics stack connects your disparate marketing channel data with visual dashboards to help arm your team with actionable insight, market intelligence, and predictive analytics. Designed for CMO's and marketing teams to have greater insight by connecting them to the right data needed to help improve marketing ROI.

Dr. Al Nigl - Chief Data Scientist


Dr. Al Nigl (Ph.D.-University of Cincinnati) is a cognitive research scientist, applied statistician and market research consultant. He has been an adjunct professor at the following universities, Medical College of Wisconsin – Marquette University, University of Cincinnati, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, San Diego State University, CSPP-San Diego. Since 2014, Dr. Nigl has been an instructor in the Corporate Training Division of the Department of Continuing Education, University of California Irvine where he has taught data science to senior managers and analysts from Fortune 1000 companies such as IBM and Cisco Systems. Dr. Nigl was formerly Senior Director of Research for Universal Music Group-eLabs and has conducted over 75 research studies for Microsoft and its global technology partner channel covering topics such as Share Point, Azure, and cloud computing, IBM mainframe transition to the Windows stack and Google Office and email platform adoption trends.


Dr. Al has written four textbooks, four textbook chapters and published over 100 research papers in such fields as Applied Statistics, Behavioral Medicine, Applied Psychophysiology, Cognitive Science, Research Reliability and Consumer Research. For the past 25 years, Dr. Al has led market research projects, studies, and data science consultancy to a variety of companies, including Microsoft, H-P, Citrix Systems, National Merchants Association, Totem Power, Compaq, RIAA, CEMA, Sony, Panasonic, Citrix Systems,  Verizon, Vivendi International, Universal Studios Hollywood and many more. 


He is currently Chief Scientist and CEO of MetricVision. Dr. Nigl previously co-founded Strategic Market Intelligence, a full-service market research firm based in Orange County, California, and developed patents in collaboration with Metric Zoom NY. He is currently writing a book with the working title "An Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Business and Marketing Professionals", which is scheduled for release in March 2019.

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